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The monthly top ten pony video series is a community-voted list of the month’s favorite My Little Pony videos. This series was created in 2011 by TheMovieBrony, then handed off to Jhaller for a few years, and now is it my pleasure to be managing this time-honored and beloved series. Help keep this brony tradition going by participating in the monthly week-long voting process! See channel about page for a link to the form or stay tuned for the voting announcement. Hope to hear from you!


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#25: My Little Pony: The Movie - (Thor Ragnarok Style)
/> Draft The Filmmaker

#24: Is It Real? Animated Music Video
/> Crowne Prince

#23: Flight in 2 Easy Steps
/> Argodaemon

#22: Get Out [PMV]
/> Jack DC 93

#21: Keyboard Ponies Animation (Bongo Cat/MLP Parody)
/> Magpiepony

#20: Bronies React: Season 7 Finale (Shadow Play)
/> ACRacebest

#19: Pony Girl (Fluttershy Version)
/> Pinkie Rose

#18: Rainbow Dash's Precious Book - Part 14 (MLP in real life)
/> StormXF3

#17: My Little Pony: Scootertrix the Abridged: Episode 25
/> Scootertrix Studios

#16: Friendship is Musical | BronyCon-GalaCon Special
/> Tridashie

#15: Raven VS Twilight Sparkle (DC VS My Little Pony) | DEATH BATTLE!
/> ScrewAttack

#14: My Little Pony in the Sims - Hearth's Warming Season
/> Yudhaikeledai

#13: Cuphead meets My Little Pony
/> ToucanLDM

#12: Totally Legit Recap: "Horse Play" Season 8 Episode 7 / Celestia, We Love You
/> DWK

#11: GAME OVER [Official Music Video]
/> Jan Animation Studios

#10: Pen Kinda Ruins BronyCon
/> Piemations

#9: The Forest [ANIMATION]
/> Alumx

#8: Anthropology - Lyra [SFM]
/> TheRedAceOfSpades

#7: Mane Six vs. Mean Six (Animation)
/> Space Oddpony

#6: Look back: Season 8 [Animation]
/> AgrolChannel

#5: Super Best Sisters Play - Shadow The Hedgehog
/> 2Snacks

#4: The MLP Movie In a Nutshell
/> Round Trip

#3: Bronies 2018
/> daspacepony

#2: Your little cat 2
/> ForgaLorga

#1: Doors 3: The Finale
/> Yaasho

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Full disclosure: As usual, we had a lot of ties! Placement of tied videos was determined by each video's percentage of votes in its respective month. Multiple videos from the same channel were not included, just the top-placing ones. "Brony 2017" by WatchPony received 17 votes but was excluded because of its similarity to another higher-placing video and also the fact that it was for 2017.

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