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The monthly top ten pony video series is a community-voted list of the month’s favorite My Little Pony videos. This series was created in 2011 by TheMovieBrony, then handed off to Jhaller for a few years, and now is it my pleasure to be managing this time-honored and beloved series. Help keep this brony tradition going by participating in the monthly week-long voting process! See channel about page for a link to the form or stay tuned for the voting announcement. Hope to hear from you!


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#10: Friendship is Randomly Musical 1
/> Tridashie

#9: Royal Correspondence: Episode 17
/> Scootertrix Studios

#8: "Fairy Dust" By Wubby Dubby
/> Wubby Dubby

#7: Different View of Magic [animation]
/> killme2paza

#6: Bronies React: My Little Pony: The Movie
/> ACRacebest

#5: La Lune [PMV]
/> Jack DC 93

#4: Totally Legit Recap: Rainbow Rocks (Part 2)
/> DWK

#3: MLP Animation - Keyboard Ponies Part 2! (Brony Songs)
/> Magpiepony

#2: Mango Thief (MLP in real life)
/> StormXF3

#1: Alternate Realities (song) - Ashley H, TPressleyJ, & Friends
/> Round Trip

► Honorable mentions:

Memoir of Season 7 - This Is Me PMV
/> ACRacebest

Apogee wants to dance!
/> MrDeLoop

HYMN - Great And Powerful Trixie [PonyDub]
/> abwaschbar

► The Top 10 Pony Videos of January 2018
Background Pony Brawl
/> Space Oddpony

VRChat - The Ponies Have Arrived - War Against Knuckles
/> tarc

► The Top Ten Pony Videos of January 2014
[☆] Bar Buddies
[Taken down by Hasbro.]
Jan Animation Studios

My Little Dashie - The Mini Movie
/> StormXF3

Full disclosure: the placement of tied videos was determined randomly by a computer. "Memoir of Season 7 - This Is Me PMV" received 13 votes but was moved to honorable mentions because the creator had another, higher placing video on the list.

Top 10 Theme music: "Back Again (Original Mix)" by Archie
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