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I stream Mobile the most on my channel!
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💯 - Orange321 ($1204.00)
💯 - 48wi ($610.00)
💯 - Sean Burgess ($220.00)
💯 - Ling Ling ($200.00)
💯 - Shining The Gamer ($159.00)
❔ - What software do you use for streaming?
OBS when I stream from my computer. Elgato when I stream on PS4 or Xbox.
❔ - What do I play my games on often?
Mobile and PC, sometimes PS4!
❔ - What kind of PC do you have?
Intel HP w/ i5 4th Gen Core Processor
❔ - What graphics card do you have?
Graphics Card - Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
❔ - How do you stream mobile?
Type !stream in the chat!
❔ - When did you start YouTube?
About a year ago! December 14th, 2017